In the end, rebuilding the front end proved to be a pretty expensive project. All of the hardware (except nuts and bolts) came from the National Chevy Association:
After buying new tires, I set out to get the front end realigned. It was last aligned in 1984 by Sears, and I purchased a “lifetime” guarantee for the work. I was tempted to collect on the warrantee; however, word among the Chevy experts was that not just anyone can do the alignment. Instead, I found a shop with an experienced mechanic who was willing to let me help him with the alignment. After doing the rebuild, I know what to adjust (the upper control arm pivot pin for castor and camber, driver’s side tie rod for toe-in, steering connecting rod for steering wheel position) but I had no idea how to measure the errors. In the end, the alignment went well and all was in spec.

By the way, the ride is incredible!