The lower control arm inner bushings were stuck on really hard. Eventually, a friend and I used two wrenches and stood on them with the arm on the pavement, and they broke free.

There are two things worth mentioning about the reassembly of the lower control arm.

The shop manual makes a big deal about making sure that the lower pivot bolt is well aligned with the bushing. I reasoned that since the old bolt/bushings were well aligned, then the new ones should be too. But the new ones went in **really** tightly. So, I just gritted my teeth and cranked them through the threads anyway. It turns out that this was the right thing to do—nothing stripped, and they eventually turned smoothly.

Neither of the lower control arm shafts turned smoothly upon reinstall (also true for the upper pivot shaft), despite claims in the manual that they should. Strangely, the original hardware moved smoothly, but I suspect that this was due to 57 years of wear. The fact is that the threads in the arms are not perfectly aligned with each other, and therefore, the shafts are not either. My sense is that this doesn’t matter; there are hundreds of pounds of force on each set of threads, and the internal stiffness is insignificant. The manual is wrong.